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The Zombies in the Canary Islands Episode 1º

It all begins a weekend of December 2012, I had night shift at the ambulance and everything was spent quietly. Victor is a burly man of medium height, never flinching and has a very noble character, unlike me, I always hair with anyone who contradicts me. We were parked in front of the stage of listening Heliodoro typical night radio program.

Sounds of the ambulance station:- 911!, 911!, Central here-is heard through the radio, we notice a person with fever, vomiting and a wound in the arm. The address is C / Ramón y Cajal n º 7, Floor 1-A.

Victor is lying on a stretcher in the ambulance and jump behind the wheel just take notice. I was preparing emergency suitcase as he started, do not take much because the home was very near there. When we arrived, we realized that we are the first to arrive, we played in the bell but no one answered our call, so we tried on other floors until a friendly neighbor opens the portal. When we reached the door of the 1-A it was open, but I look at a gold plaque on the bell reads: Russian Consulate. Victor does not think twice and enter the home without waiting for the arrival of the police. I was not going to be less so run behind him. We enter the home and everything was very dark.- We are the toilets! - Shouted in unison.

Nobody answered. We entered a long hallway filled with pictures of the Renaissance, the flashlight can be seen on the wall of blood stains as if someone had dragged wounded by it. I feel a foul smell and we went to where the smell came down the hall. In the kitchen, lay the body of a bloodied woman. Although he was unconscious, still breathing. I notice that shows a small bite on his right arm which emanated a lot of blood. Following the protocol, we clean the wound with saline and a gauze, and we make a bandage but could not stop the bleeding. Do not understand how so small a wound bleeds so much. When it seems that the patient is stable, begins to convulse, expelling blood from the mouth and making jerking uncontrollably. So we decided to call the base:

- Central, here 911, ask for emergency transportation, "said Victor.- Contact home to the university hospital "is heard from the station.- Center-Based answered.

At that time we heard the police sirens approaching. When they enter the house, we were already taking the woman on the stretcher. The police remain at home by taking samples of what happened while we address ourselves to the hospital. As always, my turn behind the victim. During the transfer, I can not help but notice the bite in the arm, fits perfectly with the bite of human teeth.On arrival at the hospital, we have to wait almost half an hour for the emergency physician treats us as emergencies were jammed, as usual. We inform the patient's symptoms, as he makes a slight study (blood pressure, temperature ...) and finally tells us to raise it to the room 411, where the nurse would attend.

Victor and I needed a rest, it was 3:30 in the morning and we had great night ahead.While Victor would rather be chatting with the nurses at the hospital, I head rest area. I was not conscious, but I lost track of time until a major scandal of people screaming woke me up. I look to see what was happening and I can not believe what is happening.I see four men running from security staff to emergency hospital, and asked one of them what the hell is going on.

- A woman has gone mad and bitten a male nurse who would answer me in the rear.
- In what room? - Wonder.
-! The 411 - answer me and runs out.

It could not, was the woman who had moved a moment ago. I run into the room and I shudder to contemplate what is happening before my eyes. The nurse lying on the ground lifeless, while several people try to revive him, it seems as if he had started to bite his neck.Several Securitas attempt to reduce the woman who seemed possessed by the devil. I will never forget his eyes bloodshot, his skin tone was typical of a corpse, writhing like a snake bite in the air and came to meet one of the Securitas who is injured.For a second I froze, did not understand what is happening. Suddenly, the nurse dead rise and attack their peers. I could not be happening, it was like watching a B movie firsthand. I just thought one thing, running as far as possible from there. I run like a greyhound in the corridors of the plant, did not think to ask for help, only thinking to get home.

My name Iker Morales, I am the first person who saw the zombie epidemic began in the Canary Islands.

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